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Exclusive World Records Book Launched by Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj and other prominent personalities, Honoring Talents from India and Abroad.

New Delhi, May 9, 2024 Constitution Club :Exclusive World Records Book launch event. It’s clear that this was a significant occasion, honoring talents from India and abroad. The presence of esteemed personalities like Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj, Maharaja Leishemba (MP- Manipur), Adv. Prashant Kumar Bhardwaj (Allahabad High Court), and Dr. D. R. Upadhyay (Music Composer- Nepal).added to the grandeur of the event.

The launch ceremony witnessed the presence of key members of the Exclusive World Records team, including Dr. Anurag Saxena (Chief Editor), Dr. Pankaj Khatwani (Operations Head),  M A Murtoza (Jury Head), Mr. Deepak Thawani (Rajasthan Head), Dr. Mamta Rajput (UP Head), Adv. Aniruddha Mittal (Financial And Tax Consultant), and Adv. Prashant Kumar Bhardwaj (Legal Head). These members were honored by Shri Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj and Maharaja Sanajaoba Leishemba for their contributions.

Dr. Pankaj Khatwani (Operations Head) also took the opportunity to honor special guests including Mr. Rakesh Vaid, Dr. Yogendra Singh, Dr. Nishant Kumar Bhardwaj, Ms. Shweta Saxena, Dr. Uttam Mallick, Mr. Vivek Srivastava, Dr. Prof. Lalita B. Jogad, and Dr. Danish Jamal for their support and courage.

Asha Krishna Memorial Award

Dr. Pankaj Khatwani introduced a new award category, the ASHA KRISHNA MEMORIAL AWARD, in memory of his mother Asha and his mother-in-law Krishna, and honored Dr. Meera Bung and Priyanka Rastogi for their contributions.

The Exclusive International Award by the Journalist Council of India is indeed a significant feature of the event. Dr. Anurag Saxena is the president of Journalist Council of India.

Notable awardees included Dr. Waikhom Roshni Devi from Manipur, Dr. Devaram Panwar from Barmer, Sudha Gautam from  Babrala, Uttar Pradesh , Mohit Kumar Bharti (Hair Transplant Gyan) from New Delhi, Girish  Kumar VN from Bengaluru, Master Vaayu Parasramka from Guwahati, Harindra Singh from Meerut, Mukesh Gupta from Jaipur, Ashish Awasthi ( from Noida, Dr D. R. Upadhyay from Nepal, Dr. Chetna Uday Ilpate from Pune, Master Dheer Parasramka from Guwahati, Dr. Rajesh Malakar from Jaipur, Prof. Dr. Sanjib Kumar Mishra from  Meerut, Gokul Chand Saini from Alwar,  Rahul Kumar Lohar from Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh,  Annuvratsevi Prof. Dr. Lalita Jogad from Mumbai, Priyanka Rastogi from Bengaluru,  Dr. Satish Kumar Mishra from Jaipur, Ashish Pandey  (Director- Buybuy Technology Pvt. Ltd) from Noida, Dr. Ranjit Das from Kolkata, Master Manan Goyal from Maur, Punjab, Shweta Saxena from Gurugram, Ritesh Dawar (Director – VTT Egicon) from Manesar, Haryana,  Master Geetansh Goyal from Maur, Punjab, Dr. Raksha Kumar Rai from Nepal, Dr. Ronald Daniel from Bengaluru, Sunil Madanlal Jain from Mumbai, Miss Prisha Agarwalla from Guwahati, Dr. Ravi Kumar from Moradabad, Jeevan Lal Sharma from Tikamgarh, Dr. Meera Bung from Sambhaji Nagar, Maharashtra,  Abhilasha Shukla from New Delhi, Dr. RagaRam Manglia from Jaisalmer,  Nitu S. Shukla from Florida, USA,  Anita Mazer from USA .

The recognition of Exclusive World Records

For record category included Dheer Parasramka from Guwahati, Assam for performing maximum cartwheels in one minute,  Prisha Agarwalla from Guwahati, Assam for performing and reciting Asayukta Hasta Mudra Shlokas, Dr. Raksha Kumar Rai from Nepal for 2 categories; 1. Most Raw Eggs cracked and eaten in one minute, 2. Most Raw Coconut Juice drunt in short time,  Dr. Samit Tripathi from Lucknow for category – Most comprehensive scripture singing series on digital platform, Master Manan Goyal from Maur, Punjab for Fastest and Youngest to recite Ramayan 108 Manka, Geetansh Goyal from Maur, Punjab for reciting Hanuman Chalisa.

For honor category ; included Trilok Chand Tanwar from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Dr. Satish Kumar Mishra from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mukesh Gupta from Jaipur, Vivek Srivastava from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, Dr. D. R. Upadhyay.

The recognition of King’s Book of World Records included Girish Kumar V N from Bangalore, Karnataka for four categories ; 1. Largest Collection of 25 paisa coins, 2. Largest Collection of 50 paisa coins, 3. Largest collection of unique stamps,  4. Largest collection of pencils., Dr Raksha Kumar Rai for two categories- 1. Most Watermelon Eaten by individual in short time, 2. Most fresh mixed fruit juice drunk in short time, Master Manan Goyal from Maur, Punjab for reciting of RamayanManka 108, Dr D. R. Upadhyay from Nepal for category – ADMIRABLE ACHIEVER for completing 153 world records.

The honoris causa awarded by WEBBIC University, Ghana, awarded by Felix Ofosu Dijan, Chancellor of WEBBIC University, Ghana. Recipients included Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj, Maharaja Sanajaoba Leishemba, Dr. D. R. Upadhyay, Rakesh Vaid, Dr. Uttam Mallick, Dr Raksha Kumar Rai, Girish Kumar V N, Sudha Gautam, Atish Kumar Das, Rahul Kumar Lohar, Sushama Deepika, Om Prakash Sahu, Gokul Chand Saini, Mahesh Pal Singh, Binod Biswas, Bhoop Ram Sharma, Harindra Singh, Ravi Karan, Abhishek Bajpai, Aryan, Sunil Madanlaljain, U Ravi Patnaik, L.V. Nagarjuna Rao, Jogindera Singh, Bela Sharma, Narendra Kumar Garwa, Rashmi Malhotra, Deep Chand, Tarun Kumar, Mukesh Gupta, Ajay Pal Singh, DibyenduBijali, Anirudha Mittal, Sanjib Kumar Mishra, Soni etc.

Thank you Speech

At the end of the program, Dr. Pankaj Khatwani delivered a heartfelt thank you speech, expressing gratitude to all the guests and awardees for making the event memorable.

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