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India made history in the Asian Taekwondo Championships

New Delhi, 15th May 2024: Special Correspondent : Vietnam, Under the guidance of India Taekwondo President Namdev Shirgaonkar and the best training of coach Abhishek Dubey, Rupa Bayor won a historic medal in Vietnam. This young athlete from Arunachal Pradesh has won India the bronze medal in the most challenging category, Poomsae. 

The Indian team created history at the Taekwondo tournament in Vietnam. Rupa earned a historic medal for the Indian team.

She finished third in poomsae, opening a medal account for the Indian team.

Due to this, India won the medal in this league. Under the guidance of coach Abhishek Dubey, the player achieved historic success. The Indian Taekwondo team has participated in the Senior Asian Poomsae and Kurogi Taekwondo Championships. The tournament has been played in Vietnam from May 14 to 18. The Asian Poomsae Championship will be held from May 14 to May 15. The Asian Kurogi Championship will be held from May 16 to May 18. Asian Para Championship will be held on 19th.The Asian Pumsey is the 8th and the Kurogi is the 26th.The Indian Taekwondo team left for Vietnam from New Delhi on Monday. The Asian Taekwondo Championship will be held for five days in Da Nang city. India Taekwondo President Namdev Shirgaonkar has announced the Indian Pumsey and Kurogi teams. Namdev Shirgaonkar expressed confidence that the Indian Taekwondo team will perform impressively in both the Poomsae and Kurogi disciplines. Exercising this belief, the player opened a medal account.

Belief is worthwhile; Historical Medal Inspiring : Shirgaonkar

The players of the Indian team have achieved this historic medal through tireless hard work. Rupa won a bronze medal in this performance. Because of this, this history-making medal will be an inspiration to all. Rupa Bayor, who hails from a rural village in Arunachal Pradesh, has made history in Indian Taekwondo in this competition and the Indian team has a great chance to make history.

The players have prepared thoroughly for this. Due to this, talented players have a great opportunity to make their mark. Now this medal has become a source of pride for all, said President Namdev Shirgaonkar.

Confidence boosted by historic medal; Pride of Dream Fulfillment: Rupa Bior

I am proud to have won a historic medal in the Asian Games held in Vietnam. The team’s confidence has doubled due to this bronze medal.I am very happy that the dream of winning a medal for the country at the international level has come true. Federation President Namdev Shirgaonkar, coach Abhishek Dubey were guided in the best way. So the team was definitely able to reach the milestone, said bronze medalist Rupa, who attributed her success to the federation.

Reward of medal due to thorough practice : Coach Abhishek

Indian team players practiced thoroughly. The performance of Rupa, a talented young athlete from Arunachal Pradesh, was remarkable. You have to face many tough challenges to get selected in this group but overcome all these conditions to win the honor of becoming a medalist in this group. Her performance too has definitely been commendable. Regular practice raises the standard of performance.

This is what earned him the medal. Therefore, this medal is definitely an inspiration for us. In this league, the Indian team will be able to achieve great success till the last stage, coach Abhishek showered his praises.

Indian team as follows:

The Indian Poomsae men’s team consists of Debdas Roy, Mohan Kumar Krishna, Rajesh Khillari, Velu Babu Murugesh, Erin Nobis, Satyaprakash Mohanty, Samarjit Chakra, Jagannath Behera, Yogesh Joshi, Madheswaran, Tushar Swamy, Rohan Guhal, Kunal Kumar, Harshvardhan Gurung, Avinash Kumar Sahani. Anurag Yadav. 

Women’s Team: Rupa Bior, Harsha Singh, Usha Dhamanskar, Geeta Yadav, Ritu Yadav, Shahnaz Parveen, Sita, Shruti Shirke, Shilpa Thapa, Ritika Negi, Geeta Yadav. 

Indian men’s rugby team: Prashant Rana, Ajay Kumar, Naveen, Bhumesh Kumar Maithil,Shivansh Tyagi, Rishabh.

Kurogi Women’s Team: Saksham Yadav, Raksha Chahar, Sania Khan, Anushiya Premraj, Itisha Das, Rudali Barua.

Para Taekwondo Team: Sadham Hussain Thastagir, Vennapusa Prashant Reddy are strong medal contenders in this event.

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